Happy skin graft candidate

Welcome to Xpansion® training. Our goal is to provide guidance and direction in the use of the Xpansion micro-autografting kit and its instruments for split-thickness skin grafting. We recommend at a minimum, that you complete the following activities to assist in your use of the Xpansion micro-autografting kit.

  1. Review the training presentation   Download Presentation
  2. Complete the self-test at the end of the presentation   Download Answer Key
  3. Read the complete product brochure   Download Brochure
  4. Meet with a representative to practice the use of the micro-autografting instruments on our grafting model
  5. Conduct 3 procedures with the presence of the SteadMed representative
  6. Request a certificate of completion from your SteadMed representative upon completion of the 5 steps

Watch the Xpansion instructional video.

If you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance, please contact us at or by calling (855) 888-8273.